Laced by my blues,
your melancholic hues.
Whispering lullabies of nightmares
keep me up at night.
I sink deeper and deeper
until there’s no trace left of you.
Our curated destruction,
a resident slumber.
The temptation to submerge,
brings Somnus to life.
Life loosened like strands
of sighs and weaves.
Weaves teetering faint memories.
Strands carrying an imprint,
of falls and crushes
whispering out abandoned promises
From the sea.
To the sea.
O my darling,
Have you ever seen the moon so blue?
In this sonnet of time I tiptoe through you.
I ride through this tidal tongue,
a thousand empty promises pierce me through.
Your shoulder blade laced by sweat salty dew.
My body reeks of you.
My fingers seem to turn all blue.
Drunk on apologies,
whispering analogies.
Are you my massacre
Are you my muse
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